East Kent gets the snow!

As the Chairman Designate for a really important and exciting Select Committee on Extended Services, I have an important meeting today with Rosalind Turner , Head of CFE at Kent County Council. I can't get out of my road let alone Ramsgate. Be sensible out there Kent Highways are gritting 24/7 but it is difficult to have effect whilst it is still snowing .
My advice take care on the roads, don't travel unless absolutely necessary , for Police tips on driving safely http://ow.ly/TeeY
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tony flaig bignews said...

Nice Blog welcome to the Blogosphere, good luck!

It will be interesting to see how you handle comments which can be complimentary or negative this one is a bit of both.

Yes we had snow but it wasn't severe yesterday and when I arrived back in Thanet last night the roads were covered with ice, if they were treated then it certainly didn't look as if they had been treated so I agree be sensible and next time your in Maidstone ask Kent Highways why they did such a poor job of keeping the roads open after a bit of snow?