Designing out risk - Building in Safety.

Kent Design Initiative Forum has launched the consultation for the new guide for design. I have been member of Kent and Medway Fire Authority for 5 years now and member champion for domestic sprinklers for 2 years.

If at the beginning of the design stage you put in these safety measures, there is very little additional cost. The cost of a fire is far more than just repairing the damage. 90% of SMEs that have a major fire don't start up again.

I urge all specifiers and influencers to look at water suppression systems (sprinklers) at the design stage. Kent Fire Service has grants available for some new builds.

Have your say in the consultation, go to the web site or contact me.

Steve Griffiths (pictured with me above) Kent Fire's Director of Community Safety, has been working tirelessly on this project and it would be great to think that a few people have become more aware of this because of this publicity.
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